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Love, Love, Love [Aug. 18th, 2009|12:49 am]

I went to my cousin Erin’s wedding on Saturday, and it was a great time had by all! I missed everyone and we should try to get together more often, especially when they are in Toronto. Dave and Mikey were saying how Dallas and I should be the next couple to get married, and were even going to fix the bouquet toss so that I would be the one to catch it, but we ended up leaving before that happened.. That sucks.. sorry guys! And Sean, Kevin and the others talked to us a lot and really get along with Dallas which is great! None of my family were too keen on my ex’s David and Duncan (but then again who was? lol). He and CJ also were talking alone when I was hanging out with Eric and Christine, and they had a really good talk, so I guess it’s like he finally has an older brother. I tried my best growing up with him, but I was a sister, so it’s great that Dallas is around… I have an older sister in Debbie, and she is very supportive and I can’t wait to see her again too! Also my parents love him, and his mom loves me (I haven’t met his dad in person yet, but we have talked on the phone a couple of times, and I hope we can go up to Elliot Lake sometime soon to see him).. I know I finally have the right guy, and I am so lucky that he’s stuck by me through it all, as I have stuck by him. Thank you so much hon! Xoxoxoxo

I heard this song coming home today, and it made me smile!

Air Supply, “Even The Nights Are Better”:

I, I was the lonely one
Wondering what went wrong
Why love had gone
And left me lonely

I, I was so confused
Feeling like Id just been used
Then you came to me
And my loneliness left me

I use to think I was tied to a heartache
That was the heartbreak
But now that Ive found you

Even the nights are better
Now that were here together
Even the nights are better
Since I found you
Even the days are brighter
When someone you loves beside you
Even the nights are better
Since I found you

You, you knew just what to do
Cause you had been lonely too
And you showed me how
To ease the pain

And you did more
Than mend a broken heart
Cause now youve made a fire start
And i, I can see that you feel
The same way

I used to think I was tied to a heartache
That was the heartbreak
But now that Ive found you
(repeat chorus)

In conclusion: Dallas is the bomb, yo!
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Cute Kittehs, Biotches and Kit Kat bars, oh my! [Jul. 23rd, 2009|08:05 pm]

I love cute kittehs, and thats why I'm going back next week.... Kittehs are the best!.. but you know what is cooler? An army of kittens... who have spikes!! AWESOME!!!


I have been volunteering with this lady (let’s call her biotch) for a couple of weeks at the cat shelter, and I really don’t like her.. I don’t like her even more now.. (Sometimes I wish I had a gun.. but again.. thank god for Xanax!)

Today was really crappy, all rainy and just miserable when I was going there. Now normally I would walk through the forest and listen to my mp3 player, but today I took the bus.

I get there around 9:15am (I got up before 8am, and I an NOT a morning person.. my family can tell you this, but its for the kitties!), and normally biotch is there, but wasn’t, so I was thinking that maybe the rain had delayed her, or maybe she wasn’t coming in at all...and even though I don’t like her, I still hoped she was coming in, so I didn’t have to do all the work by myself.

I get started on taking care of one cat’s needs (letting them out of cage, feeding them, cleaning the litter box, bed, and cage, and then putting them back in after they have run around for a bit) in both rooms, and after I had finished with the 3rd cat, biotch finally shows up. I was actually kind of glad to see her, but that feeling didn’t last for too long….

As usual, she emptied the litter out of every box, even though we are told to only do that if the box is really dirty, then clean it and add new litter… (we’re a cat SHELTER not a prestige cat hotel who rely on donations from the public, so we can’t waste litter like that if we don’t have too.. and of course all that wasted litter goes into a big garbage bag that no one can really lift, and yet I seem to have to carry them to the bin a lot.. Today I told her, I’m not going to do it, it was too heavy, and she said “okay, we’ll leave it for the next person”.. umm yeah, you filled it, you made it that heavy, you should take it out, and not leave it for the next person, which is so unfair! I even felt bad I couldn’t lift it)

So it took forever to get the cats in both rooms taken care of, and she was really starting to get on my nerves, it just got worse, to the point where when I was alone in the office down the hall, I screamed “fuck!”, but not too loud, I mean I’m mental, but not that mental! Ha! So, I came back to the shelter rooms, took a Xanax and just sat down for a bit.

She also doesn’t pay much attention to the wall in the back room, where it lists all the cats who can’t be left out, or left out with other cats, and those who need medication.. and she lets out both the cats that are injured when I was in the office, even though it was written it big block letters not too.. What a fucking moron!

Then when we were FINALLY cleaning up (this was 2pm, shortly before the next shift was supposed to start!!!) we still hadn’t given medication to the cats who needed it, and she said it was too late, and she was leaving…..(ummm she’s pretty smart eh? lol) So while I was in the back room getting the meds ready, she lets out two cats who weren’t supposed to be out that afternoon, it was supposed to be another cat! Fucked up again, eh biotch?!! So then she left and I had to squirt eye drops into Spencer’s infected eye, and squirt a laxative into Amanda’s mouth, all on my own, when it requires another person to hold the cats while we do it…Then I put the two cats back into their cages, and let out the cat who was supposed to be out. Then one of the adoption officers showed up as I was getting ready to leave, and she couldn’t believe I was still there….I laughed it off, saying yeah it was a long day, but on the inside I felt like crying… I finally left, alive and barely sane, so I thought I would reward myself by going the variety store and getting a really big Kit Kat bar. (“have a break, have a Kit Kat”… never has that ad made more sense to me than today!)

The weather had cleared up by then, but there was no way in hell that I felt like walking home (I had already put over 9,500 steps on my pedometer walking around the shelter rooms and the office!), so I took the bus, came home and relaxed for a bit before starting on 4 loads of laundry... I just now had a shower and can really relax.. Man I wish I had another Kit Kat bar!!

Moral of the story, and my post: If you are more concerned about your social life then the welfare of animals (especially when it comes to staying a couple of hours than normal and giving them their medication) and are a neat freak and a perfectionist….you REALLY shouldn’t be working in a shelter.. I dunno, try sewing in your spare time if you’re bored, I mean fuck! And I get to see her again next week.. Lucky me! AHHHHHHH! Like I said, I do it for the kitties, and I would stay all day if it meant making sure ALL of their needs and wants were taken care of, not just SOME of them, so I could leave in time to be home for Oprah! I still want to get into the field of animal care, and I’m looking forward to taking the course at Sheridan and meeting my future classmates, but I just hope that after I’m done volunteering here that I never have to see biotch again…

I really should tell the person in charge how this biotch is a complete fucktard and shouldn't be there, but like I said, we're a shelter, and need all the help we can get.. and I know the other volunteers are easier to work with and actually have a clue as to what to do...so I shouldn't really tattle tale, or should I? I dunno...

And how was your day?

Amers the Crazy Kitteh Lady
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It's been a while since I was your man..... [Jul. 15th, 2009|09:14 pm]



So it’s been a while since I posted last, so here goes it….


Dallas and I have now been together over 2 years… wow! That is my longest relationship ever, and it hasn’t been the easiest one, but it’s good…. I love him very much! We might do some traveling before the summer is over, especially to see his father up North.  I don’t know what to get him for his bday in Aug, any ideas? We have been doing a lot of walking downtown, which is good, it just sucks that there is a garbage strike in Toronto, I hope it is over soon!


I’m going back to college in September for Animal Care at Sheridan College.  I will be doing a reduced course load, and instead of completing it in just 1 year, it may take me up to 2 years to finish.. this way I can concentrate on each course better, and still keep take care of my mom and the apartment when my dad is away at work all winter long..  I have met some great friends who will be in that program, and the Vet Tech program, and I can’t wait to meet them all in person.. It’s going to be a blast!


I joined a Wellness class with some members of my hospital group, and we work out at the cardio gym twice a week, and also learn some stuff about nutrition.. It’s almost over, and I actually put on 2 lbs since it started, but I will work out harder now in the last couple of weeks, and hopefully will look and feel better for when I start school.


As for my concert going lately, I missed two Ron Sexsmith shows in June because I didn’t have a credit card in time for the presale, and it sold out… Evey really wanted to meet us, but we’ll still see her another time for sure!  A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I went to see Crash Karma, who are the new Canadian supergroup with members of the Tea Party, I Mother Earth, Our Lady Peace and Zygote.. That was a cool show, and we were right in the front row!  I wish they had merchandise, but they are still so new that their CD and merchandise has not been finalized yet. I will defiantly see them again when they come back here.


Not sure what else to say, I live a boring life eh? lol

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OMG THIS IS AWESOME!!!! [Mar. 20th, 2009|10:35 pm]
It's Ron Sexsmith's "Gold In Them Hills" set to a video montage of President Obama.. I love it so much that I cried a little!! The song and the video go so well together! We love you Obama.. You make me wish I was an American!! xoxoxxo

This song always cheers me up when I'm feeling depressed, and I love this video!!


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Another survey, cause I'm so bored!! [Feb. 4th, 2009|09:54 pm]

Awww, me and Cecily

40 secrets about me, as stolen from Miss. Eveyz


A longie, but a goodie!Collapse )
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Dallas's surgery......OCAS site is shit!! [Feb. 2nd, 2009|10:00 pm]


I'm back from the hospital, we got there around 6:30am this morning (thanks to his uncle and his aunt who took us there, you guys are awesome!!), and his surgery started around 8am.. It was origanlly only supposed to go on for 3 hours, but after 5 hours, noone had come out to tell me what was going on, so I went to the nurse's desk and they said that he was still in the operating room! Soon after, a nurse came and told me, "yeah.. the surgery has been prolonged because they found a small tumor"... WTFFFFFF? I started freaking out (which sucks cause I was all by myself the whole day, and then called and texted people "they found a tumor!" Rodney especially told me not to freak out, which was good, but its still hard for me to do when I was all alone and out of xanax's!! So then another little while later, his surgeon came out.. He said the surgery was prolonged because of Dallas's streched stomache tissue, and they had to be carefull while operating on it. I asked "what about the tumor?" and he said "what tumor?".. Turns out miss dumb dumb nurse fucked up and thought Dallas was another guy.. I swear to god, if I had seen her after I talked to the surgeon, I would have fucking killed her! (No offense to nurses, but yeah when you pull shit like that, especially on mentally ill people, you seriously need to apologize your ass off!!!) That was 7 hours later!!! I mean Jesus, I was so freaking bored and lonely, but I had my trusty mp3 player with me and a book on taking care of cats and dogs (in which I made out 28 pages of notes today, will probably do some more tomorrow if he's in and out of sleep periods) Then I went to see him in the ICU, and his nurses there actually knew who he was, and were so nice, they rocked! *high five* and a little while, after they moved him into his own room on the same floor.. Thats cool. I stayed with him until 8pm, when visiting hours were over, and took a cab to his place in Etobicoke.. I talked to his mom for a bit, and then made some pasta and sat down at my laptop.. stupid OCAS site is down, too many people on it now.. I mean holy hell people, couldnt've you checked out the site during the day? I would have, but I had fucking shit to do!! I hope its working again by the time I go to bed (around 11pm.. I'm so fucking tired!!), or I'll check when I get up.. Rodney also said that I receieved a letter from Sheridan College, but didn't open it cause he was in the other room.. If I can't get onto OCAS soon, I'll get him to open it tomorrow.. I really hope it says that I have been offered admission for the animal care program starting in either the fall or the winter... Wish me luck!!... Awww Dallas just called, he wanted to make sure I got home okay, and hopes that I sleep good tonight.. I hope the same for him as well, and I will see him in the morning.. I do love him, and I feel bad for what I put him through recently, especially so close to the surgery, but things are working out better now which is good.. We had a lot of fun the other day, going shopping and then to the racetrack.. It was kinda like we had just started dating all over again.. It is a nice feeling actually, to start fresh with him, and I hope it will continue to work out.. He's a great guy.. and noone is perfect, hell look at me, I'm short, fat and mentally ill.. I'm the perfect catch eh? lol

Night all,

Amy xoxoxox

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To all the pets I've loved before xoxoxoxx [Jan. 13th, 2009|10:08 pm]

Losing a pet is never easy, no matter how many we have over the years. They are family members, they bring us joy, smiles and affection. When each one passes on, it feels like part of ourselves are now gone too. I miss the ones I have lost during my life, and this note will bring back a lot of the memories of each one, as they will always live on in my heart.

 Dad and Rusty

Rusty (Russems, Red) was a Pomeranian and he was an anniversary present my parents got for each other the year before I was born. He was a great dog, and was at least 16 years old when my dad woke up one morning to find him lifeless in front of the tv. It was hard on us all, especially my parents as he was technically their first child. I'm glad he went in his sleep, and wasn't sick at the time, and he lived a very long life, for a runt that was going to be put down, had my parents not visited that farm that magical day and saw him. I remember crying a lot more when he died, then when my grandfather died, a couple of years eariler. It's hard for children to lose their first pet for sure. One of my fav memories of him was when he got loose one day, and I hopped on my bike to go looking for him, and there he was around the corner, the minute he saw me, he gave me this goofy smile. I put the leash back on him and took him home. He was a seeing eye dog for when we got Nin, and they got along so well.

 Toby and Nin

Nin (Nintendo, Nin-can-poop, Stevie Wonder) was a blind Pomeranian we got from the Toronto Humaine Society. We were on our way to my aunt's house one day back in '89, when my dad was reading the Sun. He told my mom that we had to go back cause there was this blind dog that was featured in an article and he said that we had to have him. So we went there, and I remember there was a lot of people there that day, wanting to adopt animals. We were kinda scared that they wanted him too, but when we got to the dog room, we found him, in a small cage on top of another cage. All the other dogs were making a lot of noise, and he was just so quiet, and was moving his head back and forth, like he always would do. We were allowed to take him home, and while my mom, brother and grandmother decided to still go to my aunt's house, my dad and I stayed to welcome Nin into our home. When Rusty died, Nin was so alone, but soon after we got Toby, and him and Toby were also really close throughout their lives together. He was my daddy's dog for sure, and would barely do anything we told him to, he would only listen to daddy! When my father passed away, Nin had no choice, he had to love us. Just one day short of his 11th year with us, we had to put him to sleep because he was dying from cancer. We knew he was sick for some time, but really weren't ready to say goodbye to him. I do think that maybe we had put him to sleep sooner, so he would have not been in pain anymore. The way that the vet put him to sleep really upset Rodney, and he said he would never go to that vet again, and we didn't. After he died, we got Delta, and she was such a big doggie! I just wished that my little blind doggie would have had a more peacefull ending.. but he is up in doggie heaven and free of pain, and with eyes :)


Toby (Tobius) was an Australian Silky Terrier we also got from the Humaine Soceity. I remember the day mom picked Cory and I up from school and said "we'll be home soon to see the dogs"... Dogs??? more than one? It had been a short time eariler that we lost Rusty, and it turns out that both my parents called the THS hotline to see what dogs they had for adoption on the same day, and fell in love with his terrier. So I can't remember which one went to get him, but when we got home that day, we saw our little Toby! He was just so full of energy and I thought it would take some time for me to warm up to him, but he really was a sweet dog and I fell in love with him instantly! He was Nin's new seeing eye dog and we had a special addition on the lease where the two of them were walking side by side, even though I don't think Toby was really a big fan of that.. After my dad died and we moved to Scarborough to be closer to my grandparents, we got a place with a pool. One spring morning, I was woken up by someone yelping, and I ran outside and saw that Toby had fallen into the dethawing pool, so I grabbed him out of there, and took him to the shower and turned on some water to warm him up and then dried him off. He really did love walking on the frozen pool before, but I think after that, he may have not done it again. Sadly, like his human brother, Toby developed diabetes, and was required to get some needles each day. It wasn't long before he lost his sight, and after him falling down the stairs, mom couldn't take it anymore, and we had him put down. I don't blame her, and I'm sure its what he wanted. It's just that he was put down only 3 weeks after Nin, so the beginning of 1999 was not a good time for my family. Delta really wanted to play with him, but in the end he was just so sick that he couldn't.

 Delta and George

Delta (Baby Girl) was a German Sheppard/Husky mix, who we also got from the Humaine Soceity. She was not only the first big dog we ever had, she was also the first girl pet. When my bedroom was upstairs, I had such a small bed, but her and I still managed to share it a lot, many of uncomfortable nights, but as long as she was comfortable I was happy. When I moved into the bedroom downstairs, Rodney and mom bought me a waterbed, but she didn't like it and wouldn't sleep on it, but she still slept on the floor occasionally. I remember when we were getting hardwood floors upstairs and it was all waxed up and needed to dry, we let her outside one night and she got sprayed by a skunk!! (Thinking it was George!) Rodney was at work at the time, so we let her in the house and she was running all over the place, and in the living room with the waxed floors! I think Cory ended up going to the store that night to get some tomato juice and we gave her a bath! She did want to play with Toby, but he was too sick, and was soon put down after we got her. Then we got George, when he was just a puppy, and she was so in love with him, that she became like a mom to him. She didn't get along with any other dogs, and would fight any dog that came near her, or especially George! Since she was such a big dog, when she was 8 (we got her when she was 4), she was having problems walking as bigger dogs are prone to having hip problems. Rodney started putting telynols into her food to lessen the pain, but it didn't seem to help all that much. We were living in Brampton at the time, and we were soon to be moving to Mississauga, but the apartment here was too small for her. So one day when I was out with a friend, Rodney took her to the vets and had her put to sleep. I know she is also free of pain now, which is great, she really was so sore at the end, my poor sweet girl.


George (Georgie Boy, Angel Puppy) was a American Eskimo/Pomeranian mix. We saw an ad in the local paper where people were giving away free puppies, and it was shortly after Toby passed on, and we wanted a playmate for Delta. We got to their house at the same time as another car, and we thought that they must be the owners, so we let them go in first. Turns out they were not, damn! The owners said they had two black puppies left for free, but they could only find one at the time.. And then the white puppies were for sale. So there was this tiny black puppy who looked so cute! The people who got there before us had first dibs on this dog, but thankfully they decided not to take him. If they had, we would have missed out on the greatest dog we'll ever know. So to those people who didn't want our Georgie, we are very thankfull that you didn't want him. He was so small then that Rodney could hold him in one hand! Delta fell instantly in love with him and was his new mommy, when she wouldn't get along with other dogs. One time they were playing and she accidentally knocked him into a wall, and his head split open, so we took him to the vet, he ended up being okay, but we really do think that he was a bit slow after that, and it does make sense. My mom had her first stroke in 2003, and I remember when she was in the Mississauga hospital after being in a Toronto hospital and a rehab centre, we took George to see her. She was in a wheelchair, and he was just so excited to see his mommy again, but knew not to jump all over her, and that was nice.. She loved seeing him after all that time too! I remember when I had a bad day at my office job, and later when I went back to college for ECE, I would come home to his smiling face, and it made my day so much more bareable. He and I would just go for walks around the apartment and both would lie on the grass and I would talk to him.. Those were great days. Since I took a summer class before I started college, I ended up getting a day off during the week, when my other classmates had a class, which was great in the long run. One night I didn't sleep much, and just wanted to sleep for the whole day, so I closed my door and lied down.. Soon after I heard him scratching at the door and yelping! I got out of bed and saw that my mom was on the floor in her bedroom and was shaking but couldn't talk. So I called Rodney and then 911, and the ambulance came and we went to the hospital, and he came soon after. Turns out she had a second stroke, and needed another heart operation. She ended up being okay, and it was all thanks to that special little black dog. Sadly, three days after Christmas 2005, he developed a blockage in his urinal track and couldn't pee properly anymore.. So Rodney took him to the vet, and they had his bladder emptied using a needle. The blockage didn't go away, and the vet said there was nothing more they could do. Our life saving Angel puppy had to be put to sleep, and all of us couldn't stop crying for days. We have two close up pics of him beside the fireplace, with his collar hanging from them. His favourite toy, "Mr. Squeak" is on top of the shelf, we could never get rid of him.

 Sam kissing Fred

Fred (Freddie Girl, Fredina) was our first cat, and we got her from the PJ's Pet Centre at Square One. Rodney, mom and I each had a kitten in our arms to see which one we liked the best, and my mom wanted the one she was holding. We took her home and named her Fred. George was all excited to see a kitten at home, but she was so scared of him at first, but they ended up getting along before he passed on. Fred was my other baby girl and I didn't think I would ever bond with a cat, but she melted my heart. She loved sleeping with me and it's going to be hard sleeping alone when I'm here at my parent's place. When we got Sam, they played at times, but as Sam was the more affectionate and outgoing cat, Fred mostly kept to herself and was so quiet. Over the last little while, she had peed in my bed a couple of times, and we all thought that she was upset with me always coming and going there, when I was mostly living with Dallas and his mom. She might have been sick and needed help, we'll never know.. Rodney came home from work yesterday to find her dead in my closet. I am happy that she didn't seem to be in any pain lately, but she was just way too young. I will always miss her and I'm glad I have so many pics of her! Dallas and her really got along which is great, and he commeted that she was our baby kitten, awww! Someday we'll have our own pet, which will be nice.


Sam (Sammykins) is our crazy cat, who'll always think she's still a kitten! We got her from the Pet store near Erin Mills Towne Centre. She wanted to play with Fred, but Fred wasn't really one to play, well she was becoming more playfull at the end of her life. Sam is a mommy's cat and she cries all the time, especially if mom has something in her hand. When they sleep, they are curled up together and it is so sickening! (kidding!) I hope she will be okay on her own, but I think someday my parents will get another cat and Sam will have a new playmate. I hope she will have a long life and I will give her a lot of love and attention in her time of mourning.. Today I petted her a lot and gave her a couple of extra treats because she is such a good girl!

Those were the main pets I've had growing up, but we did have others as well. Like fish (I remember my fav one I called "Goldie" and she died on one of my bday's). We also had turtles (Michaelangelo and Rafael), and gerbils (Baby and Rocco, and all of their babies!). I've loved them all.. Pets are great! :)

I would love to give a shout out to some of the pets my friends and family members have also lost over the years: Dylan, Howie, Lucky, Ginger and BJ.. You were all loved very much and your families miss you dearly!

That really was a great note, and it did help me heal. Keep on loving your pets, and never forget the ones we loose. xoxoxoxx


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Goodbye my darling Freddie-Cat [Jan. 12th, 2009|08:49 pm]

Fred, drinking from my glass beside mom

So Rodney just called me a little while ago....

He said that he came home from work and didn't see Fred, so he went looking for her. He found her in my closet...

She was my angel, the first animal I ever really bonded with that really was "mine".. The doggies were the whole family's, but she was so in love with me, and she got along so well with Dallas too. I have a couple of pictures of her and him together, but I don't think I have one of her and I, and I never will now. That really does upset me.

She had peed on my bed a couple of times in the last little while, and we all thought she was upset with me for coming and going all the time, when in reality, she may have been sick and needed help.. I wish we had taken her to the vet, but maybe there was nothing they could have done for her. I'm just thankfull she went in her sleep, just like Rusty.

When George died, I vowed to love my future animals so much more than I ever loved them before, and with the old computer dying on me, I may have lost so many of the pics I took of him. So I took as much of Fred and Sam as I could.. I am thankfull for that.

She was our first cat, she was a long hair cat, and it we had to brush her a lot or her fur would get matted.... She was a scardy cat at times, and a weird cat the rest.. She wasn't really affectionate (unlike Sam who is just a big suck for attention), and was so quiet...

She will be missed and I will never forget what she meant to me, to us all.

Goodbye Freddie, I love you, and I'll see you again someday!

Fred and Dallas on Christmas Day
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I got my lisence!!! [Jan. 6th, 2009|03:02 pm]


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Ho ho ho! [Dec. 30th, 2008|07:53 pm]

Merry Ho Ho Ho Everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday and will have a great new year too! The economy is sucking right now, but still I tried to make it a good Christmas for everyone, and I got some nice presents too! Thank you all! :) We went to his sister Deb's for Christmas Eve, and it was good to see everyone again, especially their mom, as she had been there for a couple of weeks to rest up.. She came home tonight, so she must be doing better, thank gosh! :) Hmmmm lots of turkey over the holidays and lots of good times!

Some of the things I/Dallas and I got were: the Beatles Monopoly game (it looks really awesome!!)

Decca Sports Wii game!

Wii Points Card






2 Kettles (one for Etobicoke and one for Mississauga)


Snoopy PJ's

Daughter Candle

Dirty Burger shirt (from the Trailer Park Boys show, it is cool!)

Resturant gift card
Alarm clock

Stocking stuffers


Earrings and necklace set

Then Christmas Day we went home to Mississauga, to see my parents and my brother who was down for a little bit. I loved how mom cried when she opened her Wii, she was just so happy, and its great! I'm glad she'll be using it a lot now. We'll play it a lot when I'm back there during the week, as well as continuing our Deal or No Deal games, those are so much fun!!

Anyhoo have a great new year everyone!!

With love,


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